Friday, November 28, 2014

#AbMontuBolega campaign is run by Strepsils ( Facebook andTwitter). This campaign is to emphasize on how important it is to open up and talk our mind out. In most cases we don't and most other cases we are not allowed to. So stop those who stop us and start speaking up those thoughts that you had been holding back. Ab Montu Bolega.

            We have been speaking about Swatch Barat for quite some time now, haven't we? When I say "Speaking" I literally mean speaking-speaking not seriously-speaking-up. We have all posted status on Facebook, twitter; posted photos like we clean an already cleaned road or terrace on Pinterest; we have not even spared youtube. Most people collect the already gathered dry leaves, spread it on the terrace or a platform and act like they clean just to be trendy. We have to be with the trend, right? If someone, somewhere pours cold water on their head for a cause, we pour water on our heads without giving a damn even to know what the cause is. We are all too trendy, aren't we? If someone posts something about interstellar, we don't care if we understood but it becomes our duty to post that it is one of the best movies ever made. The point is, we all talk too much about any good thing that's happening but do we talk what's in our heart out? Do we really question the things or people we think are unquestionable? Montu tho jund ki baath achi tharah se bolega. phir unka man ka bath kab bolega? Abi, abhi bolega. Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega unki man ki bath. (Montu speaks what his group thinks; herd mentality. But when will he speak what's in his mind? Now, right now. Because now it's not cool to be mouth-shut anymore. So Montu will talk from his heart.)

            Though born, brought up and living as a girl, I, for now, choose to speak as Montu. Irony is #AbMontuBolega but I will do the talking for him. Pun intended.

            When people spoke about Swatch Barat, I was wondering why they were cleaning the corners of the streets first; mostly dry leaves. There are paid employees from the municipalities to do that, even if they don't, we have people to clean it after politicians click a picture with it. Recently, I saw a photo of four politicians with a broomstick each, cleaning a patch my five year old nephew could clean. So, please leave aside the dry leaves on the pavements for the beauty of such photographs that adorn the front pages of our dailies.

            What really causes a far greater heath concern or even a life threat? Definitely the toilets. When a lot of the rural Indians don't even have their right to have a structured toilet; yeah, some problem with their time of birth that they can't enjoy the birth right to proper toilet that might or might not be written in the constitution, I'm ignorant; The majority of the rest get to pee in very nasty toilets. Nature's call is one call that can't be missed or forwarded, or can it be? Every man, rich or poor, man or woman, infant or senile must use the toilet and can't hold the bladder filled for long. The rich anyway can order a tea in a five star hotel just to pee but what about those who can't afford that? Or those who can't wait till they reach a posh hotel? Have you ever experienced this, running for a toilet on a road trip? We use the toilets in shopping centers, theaters, bus stops, buses and trains, petrol bunks, sometimes public toilets. I can assure you that all of those reading this had to pay a visit to one of the mentioned toilets. Have you ever seen them clean? Never. At least, that's what I have experienced so far. And this can cause a lot of problems on repeated use of such unclean toilets.

            So, am I going to ask you all to pose with harpik or domex (I am not endorsing a brand here) instead of a broom? Not at all. It is not possible for us to clean every toilet but we can definitely raise a voice against this. There is a rule to have the toilets clean in every public place, isn't it?  Department of drinking water and sanitation can inspect any of these public places any time, according to my understanding of the content on their website. And if they make the rules strict, tighten up the inspections and cancel the license to theaters, malls, hotels and most importantly schools that don't have a clean toilet I am sure India will have a generation that is devoid of most of the health problems that heads from the tail.

#AbMontuBolega to the authorities to please tighten up the scrutiny and make sure at least the urban Indians, who have access to toilets, are entitled to use clean toilets.

Also, I would recommend all of you to check your own toilets every week. If you haven't done it lately take some time today, go check it and clean it.

Keep your toilets clean and ask for clean toilets as that's the only place Montu can actually talk what he has in mind and please, let him do it in peace.

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