Friday, November 14, 2014

It was spring within me, as he asked me out,
Happiness was brimming within that I wanted to shout.
They called it a holiday and shut all the stores,
The happiness that bloomed within, fell to the floor.
Mirror terrified me, the ugly brows, I weeded not,
Threading and waxing, always, pained me a lot.

Most of us come across this situation, don't we? We feel lazy to go to the parlour and get our eye-brows done. Some times we just keep postponing it forever till it's too late, till a party is waiting within a few hours. That's when we rush to the parlour. And a few do their threading and two days thereafter the brows don't stick to the shape.

A solution to this is the wonderful Tweez'em Stainless Steel Ingrown Hair , Splinter Tweezer By Majestic Bombay. I always had a tweezed but it pained me a lot when I used wide mouth ones. But this one is sharp tipped so that you can handle one single hair at a time. The grip is amazing that it makes you feel like you are operating on your hair. And the most surprising and my favorite aspect is that using this doesn't pain you at all. I loved this product and I will surely recommend it to readers.

This product can be purchased from the below link:

Comparing my old tweezer and the new one (yellow)

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