Tuesday, November 18, 2014

                Riya wondered what was keeping Rohan away from her. He spent a lot of time with his computer and the rest of his time at work. They were wonderful lovers, whom people adored. Today, they were both caught in the cob webs of lives; too busy even for a touch. There were times they wanted to feel the touch of each other, walk hand in hand in the beach. There were times when Rohan would travel hours together just to hold her hands watching a movie or a rub her cheeks looking in her eyes. Now that they are married, he can admire her the same way and no one would question him but he doesn't have the time or so he said.

                'Are you looking at someone else?' She would want to ask but zip the words in her mouth. She had trusted him when they got married and trusted him even then. All she wanted was to make him feel the magic of a touch again; to make him understand what magic his touch would cast on her.

                She called him and asked him to come early. He came home late as usual. She sat in a corner weeping heavily. He asked her what had happened. She did not react. She froze in the corner she was sitting in. Tears flooded her face. He wiped her tears asking her, repeatedly, what had happened.

'I wanted you to wipe my tears.' She said.
'But why did you cry in the first place?' He asked.
'Because I wanted you to wipe my tears.' She said, still continuing to shed tears.
It took a few seconds for him to comprehend what she meant. She wanted him to touch her cheeks. She wanted him to experience the magic of love that worked on them with those gentle touches.

'I can't cry everyday for this.' She mocked. 
'If this is what your tears make me do, there is no harm in crying at least once a day' He said and giggled. 

All of us get busy with work and other duties of life. Let us keep that aside for a while everyday and  bring back the touch that made us smile once. Holding hands, stroking cheeks or tickling the feet; it can be anything that can bring back cheer in our love story.

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