Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How much memory does your brain have? Thousands of TBs? How much of it is active enough? A few TBs? How many moments can you recollect at a time? A few GBs? In this case how many wonderful moments pass by that we carefully shove under the shadow of another moment? A lot, isn't it? We always try to cherish a moment and another happiness shadows over it. To prevent it we just have to click a photograph of that and ping a note along with it. Those days people just had card photographs and hand wrote it behind the photosheets. But today technology has come way ahead of that, we just have to upload photos type a gist and they will print it. They will also deliver it at our door steps. And in this entire process our part is just to click the moment, upload and type a gist. Everything else will be taken care of.

With such an advancement in photo printing, I recently got to use “Snapfish UK”: It is an amazing product by HP. An overall photo printing and photo gift website.

1. I registered an account in“Snapfish UK”:
2. I uploaded my photos from computer and flickr.

3.I clicked on Photo Book->Create Photo book

4. Selected and added the selected photos in a collection

5. Selected book size and cover type (11*8 Hardback)

Have a look at the photo book I got. 
Photo Book I ordered: 
 11*8 Custom Cover

Feature I loved:

  1. Cover: The cover was very posh. Specially, I loved the way the photo spread across the page and even on the spine.

2: Text: The GB LAND Text is added in the computer to have the privacy of the photo and prevent it from being misused. But the "London" text was added to the photobook. This is another aspect I loved. We can write texts wherever we want; it can be small text or a story about the photo.

  1. Alignment: The alignment of the photo is amazing. We can choose 1 photo per page like the right side of the below image or choose upto 31 images per page. The alignment of the photo can also be selected manually. We can either place all the photos in the page, randomly, and choose a magic alignment to make it equally spaced like the left or select a prefixed alignment offered to you. 

 Embellishment: The best part of this photo book was using embellishment. They give us a set of such fancy embellishments from which we can choose any and place it anywhere.
 In this photo the mobile, the birds at the right top, the glasses in the right bottom, the rings in the bottom and even the teddy was chosen by me.

Themes and Backgrounds: The backgrounds provided were amazing. I chose love theme.

 Packaging: They had packed this photobook in a brown cardboard box. It was a very safe packaging.

Weight: The photo book can easily be carried even by kids as it was hardly any weight. That's what makes this snapfish photobook so different from most of the other photobooks. But this doesn't make them compromise on the quality.

What are you waiting for? Order it. Most economical photobook I have ever ordered. The quality is something that impressed me. You get it in less than a week. 

I also ordered a photo calender. The steps and the designing are the same as the photo book. 

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