Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Memory is the most priceless treasure every man safe guards within the lockers of his heart and mind, forever. Every rack in this locker full of memories has a different key possessed by different people he meets in his life.

We sometime want the world to stop rotating and revolving so that the moment that we love experiencing stays still with us. But sadly, time and tide waits for none. Does it? This is why man invented photographs; to make the moment stay still forever. Time can certainly not wait for you but a particular instant of time can stay with you forever in the form of photographs. We feel happy each time we look into the photos of the past. On a very tiring or bugging day when we have a look at a sheet that has a happy moment captured, our day recovers from the boredom or sorrow letting us drift our thoughts to the time the photo was clicked.  This is why Picstick can make each of your day wonderful and make you a happy person. helps you in creating a magnetic photosheet with 9 photographs in each. You can tear off the 9 into single pieces of use it as a whole. You can stick each of this to any metal bodies like the fridge. Each time you look at it, I am sure you will smile a minute forgetting the work pressure or the boss's anger.

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The site works in a very simple way. You just have to upload photos, drag drop them into the 3*3 grid to your right and add it to your basket. Pay while you checkout. The product is delivered within 2 days if your address is in UK. 

There was a thick sheet with the copy of the photos I had chosen and my order. 

 Made in England with love, What a gesture!!

I stuck mine without tearing them into 9 parts on the fridge. I didn't have the heart to disintegrate the memories, yet.

The clarity was amazing.

The product came in a thick, wonderful package that made sure the magnetic photosheet inside was intact. 

Over all I am very satisfied with this product. 

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