Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bearded colonel review:

What's the product?
The home page of the product

Bearded colonel is a razor for men with five sharp blades. This product can be delivered on regular interval as they let you subscribe. 

I liked the way the product was packed and delivered. It was packed in a bubble pouch. The razor heads were inside a tiny, circular tin. 

What did the package contain?
The pack contained 4 razor heads with covers for each, a razor body stick, a letter that welcomes you to the bearded colonel subscription and a circular tin to contain the razor heads. 

The product really looks very sophisticated as the razor head is as this as possible and as light as possible. It can be fitted in a fashionably designed stick. The razor that I have received is black in colour which enhances the style and look of the product. 

This review is based on the feedback given by my husband.  These razors have five really sharp blades. The best aspect about these razors is the way we fit in the razor top and the body. We don't have to pluck out the blades and reinstall but just out it along with the blade holder. 
Another note worthy feature of these razors is that the head is too flexible, turns almost 180 degree.
They give a smooth finish and are easy to shave. Men get a deluxe shaving that they get from really expensive razors at a good , affordable price with bearded colonel razors. 

Over all my husband says its a good product worth buying.

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