Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Buddy Box
What is this product?
My Buddy box is a home utility product used to improve the way you store things. This is a foldable storage box, which can be folded into something that looks like a briefcase.
This product doesn't require much packaging as it's a rectangular box itself. So I think it was clever of the company to just wrap it up with a cover instead of using bubble bags.
5/5 for packaging.

Look and Style:
This box surprised me when I first unpacked it. It has a 3D print like a buckle bag on top of it, which I loved. When you click a photograph it's hard to believe that the buckles in the front, when folded, are prints and are not real. The handle at the top makes it look literally like a cute little bag.

It's a 3d print not a real buckle

This is a box that can be folded up into as thin as a briefcase. But when unfolded its really large; larger than I thought.
55cm in  length
33cm in width
25 cm in depth
So I think it can hold most of your kids tiny toys, at least 20-30 books or a lot of vegetables for two weeks. You can even use it to place the ironed clothes or use it as a dump box. It doesn't have a lid at the top, which we can't expect from a foldable box like this one.
It is no rocket science to fold or unfold, you don't have to fix anything or worry about the position of each side to be fixed. It's already fixed up. You just have to unbutton the two sides and pull it apart like shown in the video below.
I liked the small mention on one side that read "Fold this side first". Most products fail to focus on such minor details that might make it difficult each time the product is used. But this company have nailed it.
Most important aspect of this box, that I loved, was the handle on either sides of the box when we unfold it. It makes the box better usable.

There is just one thing I missed that I would like to quote- Once you unfold it the two sides don't stand stiff until you pull the black rail across. I have not done that in the video hope you don't miss it. 

Price: £14.99

In short:  Worth buying one.

Thanks for reading. Post your comments below. 

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