Saturday, January 31, 2015

            We always try to save money but want to get the stuffs we need. We want the best but not at the cost that is less than what it is sold everywhere. This is one reason why we go for whole sellers and second hand stuffs. We hardly have any time to go to shops to look at options and narrow down on what we want. So, most of us prefer online shopping, be it new ones or used ones. When it comes to sites where we can directly contact the advertisers the major problem is contacting itself. Widely practiced method by sites that let you sell and buy is to let the seller post his email or phone number. Email is a very bad option, no matter what we never take time to type an email and wait for them to respond. No one, today, has the time or patience to do so. We want everything at our doorsteps without any delay be it the product or the response from the seller. So we are forced to call the seller. When we call a person who has posted the advertisement one of the below cases happen.  

            'Hello, I saw your advertisement to sell your tablet in a site, can you tell me the details?' Ram asked.
Case1: 'Who are you? where are you calling from? I am not sure if you have got the right number.'
Case 2: 'Your voice sounds so cute, are you single?'
Case 3: 'Hello...'  'your line has been disconnected due to insufficient balance.
Case 4: 'Tablet? Why will I sell my BP tablet?' After a few minutes of explanation grandmother wakes her grandson who had posted the Ad.
Case 5: After a few days of buying the device you will receive a stupid flirty message from a different number.
Case 6: 'Oh ya. I want to sell my Ipad. Blah blah blah....' and all the unwanted talks follow.
Case 7: call waiting. Call waiting. Call Waiting.
Case 8: Switched off.
Case 9: Missed call.

            A lot of times, I have thought about how nice it would be if these sites have a chat option where we can see if the seller is online and have a chat, like we do on facebook. Recently, I checked and was surprised to see a chat option in it. It lets you directly contact the seller's profile through a ping. We have to give our name, mobile number and email id along with our message which will be delivered to the quikr mobile app of the seller. We can chat like we do in other sites like facebook.

3 Reasons why I prefer chat to phone call:
1. We don't have to handle any of the above mentioned problems like the person trying to flirt, grandma attending the call instead or in worst cases, no balance to call but bank balance just enough to buy the product.
2. Chat is always a clearer way of communication. In a phone a seller might say his product lacks something and the buyer might hear it as the product being black. But in chat the clarity is better.
3. If a product being discussed about has a lot of specifications, one can't remember them all after the call ends. But if it's a chat we can easily have a copy of it and refer to it to make the final decision.

It's even better advantageous if you are selling your old stuffs. So what are you waiting for? Check out quikr, quicker. 

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