Monday, January 12, 2015

Now that you have started a new blog, you must be excited to get new readers. But most of us won't know what makes the new bloggers different from the old ones and how the other bloggers get a lot of readership. In this post I will tell you how to get more traffic and readers to your blog.

1. Post links of your article on social networking sites. This, I am sure, you will be already doing. But by doing this you will get readers, who you will already be knowing, in your friendslist or circle.

2. Join This site lets you post your blogpost urls under a segment called "Indivine". They also conduct blogging contests for you to win. Happy hours are also conducted where the first 100 or 200 entries win flipkart vouchers or other benefits.  This site also sends you product to review.
How Indiblogger works will be written as a different post. Like our facebook page to get notified when that post is up.

3. Join This is another blogging platform. Here we can submit posts under tangy tuesday picks or spicy saturday picks. If the blogadda editorial team picks our post they will showcase it in their home page. This site also conducts contests. The speciality of this site is that they often give you free books to be reviewed in your blog. They also give products to be reviewed in your blog.

My favorite segment of Blogadda is the Write over the Weekend segment. In this segment they give you a prompt on every friday for you to write and submit. They select a few good entries and feature them in their site.

4. To make money with your blog: Subscribe to This site connects you to the business that wants to promote their product with the help of your blog.
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