Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This audio is the story of my mom.

These are some photographs I clicked on the day spoken about in the audio above. 

That's the CCTV monitor as said in audio

Laptop as explained in the audio

That's my mom

After hearing that I am sure you will want to know why I shared it with you all. I feel proud of her and I want to shout that to the world can be an obvious reason you can conclude it with but my reasons are different.

In life, when we come across situations where we will have to choose one or the other we get stuck up and confused. Most of us make wrong choices at that time. We listen to stereotype people and give up on our dreams. Do you think it was easy for my mom to cope up with both family and work? Elders in our family, in our case grandma, help us, they do; but we have challenges beyond that too, right? But you know what, she always choose things based on her instinct and none of the outside forces influenced her. She has not traveled much but she is a very happy person. You don't have to go on trips to be happy. She is not the richest person yet she is very happy. You don't have to be rich to be happy. The reason being, she always made sure that she doesn't compromise on anything. She taught me to do the same too.

                She will do the poojas on special days but won't be superstitious. She taught me how to be both God fearing and avoid stupid superstitions.

                She taught me how to have self respect and self esteem and yet respect people. She taught me how to voice my thoughts boldly when needed against unfairness and still be obedient. She taught me how to love unconditionally. She taught me everything I know.
 She never complains, which I am yet to follow in life. You can't see her complain about anything.
  I share this story about her withyou because I see many women blaming the family for giving up on career. Yes, your kids need your attention but you don't have to give up on your dreams to make them into good people. I might not be so good, maybe I am weird but any child who grows up under the shadow of a woman like my mom will be confident, bold and yet humble. Don't quit your job and teach your kid the ORs by doing that. You be the AND, take a stand and teach your kids the same by doing that.

                Today I am a computer engineer, I love learning technology AND I am also interested in art. I have always been a top scorer in Maths AND I love English. Maybe I am bad at both but I love them both. I always try my best to be dedicated and loyal to the company I work with AND become a better writer every day AND also try be a wonderful wife to my husband. I have understood that dreams are important AND I need to take a strong stand when stereotypical, narrow minded idiots deprive women of their dreams.

                Follow your heart and I am sure your family will be happy. They will love you AND at the same time feel proud of you.  #UseYourAnd trash the ORs, for you deserve that.

I love you AND I am proud of you.  

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