Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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            "Bangalore" has always brought a smile to my face. As a child travelling to Bangalore felt like travelling to a different nation. Those were days when we had just spencer plaza for shopping in Chennai other than T Nagar. The word shopping mall was not known to many in chennai. Those days I love Bangalore for the huge shopping malls with so much lighting and cars. It was fun to shop in A/c after shopping every time in T nagar, sweating in hot sun. Now I am going to write how one can use Quikr Bangalore if they are relocating to Bangalore.

            First thing first, you need to look for a house in Bangalore; either to buy or to rent. In Quikr we can select one of these based on our financial condition and requirement.

Then you will want to buy stuffs for my house. In Quikr under home and lifestyle category we can browse and buy items right from bed set to couches. So just with a few clicks you will able to get everything you need for the newly bought or rented house in Bangalore.

We have found a home and got all the furniture required right from bed sheets to kitchen appliances. What's next? When you relocate there you will want a means of transport; a vehicle to commute, wont you? So what are you waiting for? Just make few clicks, messages or phone calls to sellers, find the deal that best suits you and buy the bike or car you want at the lowest price possible. You can buy both used cars and bike, and unused new ones. You can buy both from individual persons, sellers or whole sale dealers. The best part is you are allowed to bargain for the product you need and tap the one who agrees to your deal.

Okay, now you have a fully furnished home, a vehicle to commute, next what? You need a job. What did you think, you will relocate to a new home and spend all the time sitting at home? Then who will pay for all that you buy? So you need a job now. You can find one from the jobs category of Quikr Bangalore.

What next? Some learning ? Okay you can find even that in quikr. Ranging from cooking classes to IAS tutions. What else do you need to get completely shift base to Bangalore? Do you need a pet? You can find that too in Quikr under Pet category.

After all this is done are you still worried about living a life single in a city like Bangalore? Chillax! Quikr can help you even with that. There is a matrimony column in Quikr that you can make use of.

Good luck for your relocation. Have fun at Bangalore. Don't forget to visit Mysore when you have time. 

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