Saturday, January 10, 2015

Small is Big:
'Small is Big' is a new segment in GB LAND in which we will focus on products that we can buy within £1 or Rs.100, which will make our life easier.

Fold up storage box

The major problem we have at home is finding something we need at the last minute to a trip or a date. We would have kept the stuff somewhere safe but won't find it when needed. The major reason for this is keeping things not so organized. Sometimes, even when we try to be organized enough we have a space crunch to keep things.

This fold up storage box that I got for a pound from poundland saved a lot of space and also helped us being organized. It has a zip, made of cardboard and covered with cloth. 

I found it in two colours. You might find it in a few more colours. It's worth the buy.

 It can be used to keep your spray bottles, books and what not. 

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