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When we were kids, we wouldn't have known what pimples are and the effect it might have on our everyday life. But as we become teenagers, along with puberty comes pimples. These appear or become intense a few days before the menstrual cycle and disappears or lightens a few days after the cycle. Initially, though we hate the ref bulbs that appear on the cheeks, forehead and the most terrifying on, on the nose, as we get to know some superstitions linked to pimple we start loving it.
It is said that :
"If you get a pimple on your forehead, it means you have the affection toward somebody.
On the other hand, if you get one on your chin, it means somebody has the affection toward you."

          Girls at school tell you this, secretly, with a giggle, when they note a pimple on your  face. They ask you who the guy is and it will make you blush. That's the only time when we would have loved pimples.

           You will start using pimple to test the feelings you have towards a guy, to confirm if it is crush. You use pimples to find if the guy has feelings for you. You start waiting for the pimple to appear every month to know if it's on your forehead or chin. Lovely days, weren't they?

          Slowly we will start hating the pimples assuming that it really signified the feelings you had on a guy or a guy has on you. You will get scared if your parents will find it out through the pimples. You will not want your friends to know about it through the pimples. If it's on the forehead and if you haven't revealed your crush to the guy, you will get scared if he will find it himself seeing the pimple. That's when you will start hating it as it will be like a loud speaker of your heart.

          Later, when you become matured enough to understand that a pimple is just a pimple and everything else said about it was superstition, you will want to get rid of it. You will start looking at it as a spot on your beautiful face. There starts the problem.

          This is a story of a sketch I drew named "Sketchy". She is a girl born in the land of sketches. This is her biopic named "Pimples Diary"

I interviewed Sketchy after the movie became a super duper hit for my blog GB LAND.
The program is very uniquely named Coffee with GB. 

Sketchy came to our studios in her beautiful bridal dress as she was titled the most beautiful bride of 2014. 
I offered her coffee, she refused to take it considering her diet plans as expected. So I quickly drank all the coffee that was available and still called it Coffee with GB.

I purposely started the interview with this controversial question to remind her that she had pimples once though she is a beauty contest winner today. I am not mean, I get paid for it as an anchor. 

She said with a smile. If she is so cool, how will my TRP increase? I need some solid sentimental and emotional content from her to sell the show well to audience. 

I again asked her about pimple problems she suffered from. 

She said that she had gone to wonderful and top rated tourism places of the world. Clicked pictures. But was unhappy that all the pictures showed her with pimples as she had some on the day of visit. 

"More than anything not being able to share it on Facebook killed the joy of the trip." she said. 

There were so many parties happening. A lot of get togethers happening. But I restricted myself from going to these parties whenever I had pimples. I missed all the free food because of pimples.

Tears flooded her face as she got reminded of those pimple days. It was a sad story. I cried too. 

Didn't you know about garnier face wash? I asked. 

'I did not till he gave it to me as a gift.' She said and brought back the laughter to the sets. 

The show ended well after I asked her a few stupid, irrelevant and unwanted questions that were repeatedly asked in all her interview. I, for name sake, kept calling her a legendary model and a pool of talent. I had no clue who she was 2 days back still this was my job and i was paid for it. 

So, girls what are you waiting for? You now know the secret behind the clear skin beauty. 
                  Get rid of pimples for you deserve to be beautiful. 

All the faces that appear in video and the images used in the interview were drawn/ clicked by me.

skeleton sketches were used to place the faces over were taken from various sources:
Image sources: the team meeting sketch
bride sketch
Wedding sketch
Groom sketch

As a part of indiblogger and and contest. 

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