Monday, January 19, 2015

How important is it to look good? Very important, isn't it? If you think so, this post is for you.
Did you know that by wanting to look good makes you a person who lives for others? Looking good doesn't make you feel happy. If you are going to stop reading this post here and start debating on how reducing weight gives you confident, how that perfectly polished nail, neatly done hair and the mascara add to your confidence, wait before you start to debate. I am not saying that doing all this and taking some extra efforts for your looks make you a weak person, who just lives for the others. I am saying wanting to look good makes you weak. You need to feel good than looking good.

            Let me explain with instances from our day today lives. When you go for a party, what do you do? dress the best you can. At times you might have no mood to wear a certain dress which is grand or have no mood to do the eye liner that day. But still you force yourself to do the same assuming that it will make you look good. Don't you? But the right thing to do will be to go by what you want to do than what you think others want to see you with. If you have no mood for the mascara or eye liner just skip it. No one will chop your head for it. By forcing yourself you might look good for others but you will certainly not feel good; the discomfort will kill the joy of the day.

            Another instance that all of us would have faced is the feeling of being the odd one out. When you go for a party or a gathering and see every other person dressed differently from you, for example, say you are wearing a traditional dress and everyone else is in a western wear, you feel odd. You consider yourself so low in looks. You think you don't look good and everyone else does. But if you, for a second, think about how good you feel wearing what you are wearing you will be the most beautiful woman in the room. It's not in what you wear, it's in how you carry yourself with what you wear; the attitude that matters. The dress might make you look good but the attitude will make you feel good. So, next time you are the odd one out carry yourself well, the way that's comfortable for you and see the difference; you won't feel odd but bold and unique.

            Just because people around you wear heavy make up, you don't become the least beautiful one. Beauty is in the beholders eye. Aishwarya rai might look beautiful to you but not to a African or an American. Beauty is in itself a relative term. You look best beautiful when you do things comfortable for you and not the things you think others like to see women with. You don't have to be attractive for you are not going to sell yourself. A few extra pounds don't have to make you frown every time you see an actress on television flaunting her size zero. Being attractive is her profession, she has to look the way people like to see her but you are not compelled to do so. You don't have to objectify youself trying hard to be attractive. Be yourself, feel beautiful than trying to look beautiful. It's okay to be dark, it's okay to have pimples, it's okay to have a tyre like tummy as far as you are healthy and it doesn't hinder your life. Don't compare yourself with other woman, who you think are beautiful. Who knows maybe she is not feeling beautiful as she is comparing herself with another woman she thinks is better in looks than her.

            It's all in how you think. So feel beautiful. Do what best suits you. Don't feel odd about anything that you like; be it going for a party with no make up or wearing an odd one out clothing for a gathering. Do what your heart says and you will certainly feel beautiful.

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