Thursday, January 8, 2015

"fun things you can do with your printer"

1. Being a memory-sake collection addict, I love photographs. These days we get the magnetic photo frames in which we can insert photographs. We get those frames for as less as 2 for £0.60 and I am sure it's even cheaper in India. Having the same photo in it is such a boring experience. But imagine you keep updating it every time after a vacation, how nice would that be. But going to a photo studio and doing the same would not be a practically possible way to do this for lazy people like me. So a printer at home can help getting pictures printed and stuck to the fridge.
            Go on a trip, come back; within next 10 minutes get the photo stuck to the fridge. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

2. Photo greetings along with gifts. We go to marriages and birthday parties. We buy a gift before we reach the spot, wrap it with a gift paper and stick a boring traditional "happy birthday card" over it. Say, it's a kid's birthday. The kid won't even have a look at who gave the gift to him/her and will be excited to tear. It's not the value of the gift that's important but the time spent by a person thinking about what will impress the receiver of the gift. But when the person doesn't even know who gave it to him or her the entire time spent to bring the smile we wanted to bring to the receiver's face goes wasted. Because most times gifts represent the personal connection between the giver and the receiver.
Now, think how it would be if you print a photo you had taken with that person with a wishes over it (Which can be designed for free at hp printer support sites)?! Also, think how easy it would be to do this if you have a HP printer at home?

3.To excite kids we can print customized labels for their books, bags and lunch boxes and stick them over the items. It will give them a owning feeling of the items.

4.I still remember the gift my parents gave to my school when I was in LKG. A clock with my photo stuck to the dial. This clock was hung in the staff room for years together with my photograph. Every time I looked at it I felt happy and nice. We can stick photographs to the dials and the hands of clock and make the house a home.

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