Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Time and tide waits for none"

This year had so many ups and downs in my life. The ups acted as a speed breaker and made me slow down a bit on things I was rushing up. The downs taught me how to climb up; if there were none of these downs the ups wouldn't have been so appreciated.

"Without tasting tears one can't appreciate the beauty of smiles"

Every time when the 31st of December dawns a new streak of wisdom and maturity glimmers its way into my skull. And this is a lie. It has always been just another day to celebrate. During school days it was fun because from the next day we can giggle at the back of teachers who accidentally write the day still with previous year. It was fun to correct the teacher; it was indeed like a race and students were in constant competition to correct the teacher. But as we grow it becomes just another day to party and wish each other.

            But there is one thing that connects my childhood new years and the new years in the recent times- the RESOLUTIONS. I have always made sure that I start writing diary on the 1st of January. This was only because I loved to scribble in the empty pages of the fresh diaries. The first entry would be resolutions. There were times when each year had a different resolution to make and to break. IT was interesting. But as I grew the first resolution remained the same always- to reduce weight. This year too I am planning to make some resolutions- Oh no, not the same reducing weight one; I am bored of breaking it rather than making it.

            This year my resolution is to make the year less regretful. When people ask me what my passion I have always said to lead a happy life. Happiness is my passion and everything else is just the way to that destination. We all have different dreams that make us happy, don't we? We strive hard to achieve our goals, why? To finally find happiness. So my goal in life has always been to remain happy. This is what I call the Happy Theory.

            So this year the resolution is to make the year less regretful and in turn leading to happiness and lot of happiness. How is this possible?

1. Don't bother too much about the world around you. Focus on the world that's within.
Most of us fail to see the world that's within us. Every person we meet becomes a memory in the world within. We don't see who someone really is, we have our own perception about everything we see. So the real person remains outside us whereas the perception we have about them remains as that person in the inside world. So start making your world beautiful by just creating the inside world well; by seeing the good in everyone and ignoring the bad.

How will the speed of Micromax Canvas Tab P666 help me with this resolution?

I will quickly delete the internet items like mails and messages that shows me the bad side of someone.

2. Give importance to your thought first:
Even when we go on a trip we focus on clicking photographs than really enjoying the beauty of the place and the moment. Most time is spent in clicking photographs,setting the camera and before we realize that the time is consumed by the cam the trip ends.
I will use   Micromax Canvas Tab P666 to quickly click photographs and use the rest of the time really enjoying the moment rather than creating an impression of it in cam.

3. Talking at someone's back:
We waste so much time in knowing what people talk about us at our back. I, in the recent past, follow only one principle; Don't bother.  Someone talks at your back only because they don't want you to know about it. So respect their feelings and just ignore it if you get to know about it.

4. Blog regularly: 
I will buy a bluetooth keyboard and blog from the tab on the go , at least one post everyday.

I wish you all a happy new year. Hope you make some meaningful resolutions and make your year as happy as possible.

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