Monday, December 22, 2014

             In the corporate world, we all enter as "freshers". As a new comer to the team we are pampered and taught stuffs about the project we need to work on. Since we join the corporate right after our college we don't understand how to act as an individual; most of us don't. In schools and colleges we get so used to being one among the group of students and the lecturer or the teacher would have been the person in spot light.
            'Who all have not completed home work?' and all of us as a group would raise our hands. Teacher would scold us or at times send us out of the class. One among the last bencher I was also so used to being in groups and ours was such a disobedient one in college.
            When it comes to failing in an exam, there will be a group again. Be it bunking classes or getting false OD we all would have done it with a group of friends.

            When we enter the corporate, we are suddenly forced to act alone. We will be the only fresher in a team of experience and super experienced "Co-worker". Suddenly there will be no one to guide us line after line. There will be no one to take plight in joining us miss a deadline. We feel forced to act as an individual that we are never used to. This is when the challenge starts. Those who shed off all their student mentality shine well. By student mentality I don't only mean wanting to be in a group but a lot more.

            There won't be anyone to tell guide us on each step. No one will be bothered, in most cases, whether we fail or succeed in our own races. We are alone and we need to stay motivated ourselves. Teachers would have tried hard to identify your weakness and strength, they would have tried to make you a better student. But at work no one will do that. A manager would and should do that but we need to keep in mind that we are not in school anymore. Managers can't keep a test before the real deadline to make you improve your skills. A manager will rightly identify your strength and use it to grow his own team and you grow in turn but this happens only if you are fortunate enough to have been under a good manager.  In most organizations managers don't even know your name unless you are a key person of the team.

            So it's in your hand to work for yourself, motivate yourself, shed the student mentality and become a professional.

Good luck to all those who are entering the corportate cob web this year. Hope this article was helpful.

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