Thursday, December 18, 2014

            When I was a kid I loved going on trips; be it to theme parks or temple tours. The school excursions are still green in my memory. I have always wanted to do some stuffs and play some games during those trips but never got the chance to. This post is about those things that I longed to do during vacations as a kid that I'd let my son or daughter or both, if and when I have kids.

            My best destination to go on vacation with my kids would be a hill station that is so green and fresh for the photographs; so cool that the kids don't sweat when they play. I will get a tent that's for kids which can be build indoor as well as out-door. I will also take along electric stoves and utensils. I love road trips and we will plan to reach the destination in a car; my husband, my kids and I forgetting the rest of the world; just us throughout the vacation will surely be fun and relaxing.

            We will buy walkie-talkies for all of us and tell our kids that we are going on a mission to reach the top of the world as we drive up the hairpin bends of the hill. When we reach a spot where we can set up a tent, we will set it up and split into two teams; dad and daughter will be one and my son and I will be the other. We will all have the walkie-talkies with us. We will set up the tents with the kids help. Then we will ask the kids to make tea for us; I'm lazy but this one is for the pleasure that the kids would enjoy for being given a responsibility and being treated as a big boy and a big girl. We will have the tea made by kids and start playing police and thief with them. I am sure kids will love both the game and the prop they have, the walkie-talkie.

            Inside the dim, warm and little tent, we will all settle down to play cards. Cards is any day a good family game. Playing with your own kids can relax your mind and take it far away from the pressures of life. When we play with them, not only they enjoy but we also relive our childhood. We wake up the kid in us, making us feel so young.

            We will then ask the kids to enact the play they would have been asked to practice (by me). We will dress them up with the costumes and props they had prepared themselves. They will collect money for tickets and let us inside the tent to see their skit. Then we will dress up ourselves and collect the business board game money from them to let them inside the tent to watch our skit. We will make a skit with a moral. I am sure kids will love to give money to buy tickets and to sell tickets to earn money. Also, I am sure this will not only entertain kids but will make them shed the stage fear.

I am already excited. I am sure when I have kids, we three will abduct my husband and take him to a hill station for such a lovely trip. I am sure kids will have fun kidnapping their own father, who is and will be always busy with work. 

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