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Once upon a time, in my life, long ago, long long ago, okay let me start the story in my way than using all these cliche' beginners used time and again. 
I was in second standard when this incident happened and if you are going to judge me with this incident you are free to do so. :D judgmental conclusions are subjected to risk, mind it! :D 

  When we were in school, PT classes were the best of all. During pre primary we loved PT classes because we were allowed to use the kids park and not compelled to draw standing lines that were always slanting in my notebook and sleeping lines that stood erect; Not to mention the slanting lines which were the only correctly drawn lines. 

  During primary classes we loved PT periods because we were allowed to play games; Police and thief; run and catch. During middle school PT periods were more of a serious games period when we used to play kho kho, volley ball, throw ball and a few lazy yet brilliant kids used to play chess and carrom. 

  During high school, PT periods were solely for admiring the loved ones, getting a chance to talk freely in the ground with our crushes and stealing glances at each other in the name of games. 

  During higher secondary, PT periods were meant to be borrowed by over-excited staffs to complete the portions (Syllabus). 

  With the memories of such PT periods, there lies the memory of a PT period when I was in second standard. Most embarrasing, notorious, thrilling, interesting and secret memroy of PT classes I ever have. There was a guy who was too talented at such a young age. During PT periods we all rushed to the ground at the stroke of the bell and would never come back till the ending bell rings again. One day I badly wanted water and had to come to class in the middle of the PT class. When I came back to the class I saw this guy standing tensed with a pencil held between his teeth. I did not understand what was going on. He looked too tensed as he saw me walk in. I asked him what was going on and what he was doing in a place where he doesn't sit. He told me about his secret mission. 

  He was stealing pencils from every bag. It was not a serious theft or something but it was for fun. When I asked him what if the teacher checked the bags and found it was him, he said he had a trick of not getting caught. He really had a very interesting plan. So I agreed to join hands with him to play the prank on everyone in the class. The motto was not to acquire pencils but to make everyone's pencil vanish so that the test that was supposed to be held in the next hour gets cancelled. When he shared the motto with me I was interested even more to get into the mission right away. 

  As per his instruction I picked the pencils from all the girls' bags. According to the plan, we gathered all the pencils and settled down in his usual place. He asked me to bite the backside of a pencil as he demonstrated. I did it. Then he asked me to rub the bitten back side on the wooden desk as ast as I could. I did it, too. He asked if the pencil looks like the original one anymore. I was surprised that it didn't. We continued to do so for all the pencils. 

  'Won't Mam check all the bags and find so many pencils in our bag? Though they don't look like the others' pencils we still will be caught.' I said worriedly. 
 'We will put it in someone's bag at random. First when Mam asks us to start with the test no one will have their pencils. They will all create chaos. Then Mam will check the bags and find it in someone's bag. It will consume whole time. Then that person will get caught not us. He will be lectured why he shouldn't touch others bags. Test will get cancelled without the two of us getting caught. ' He said, confidently. It sounded like a perfect plan. 

  We went back to the ground and mixed with others. As soon as the bell rang everyone ran back to class and we joined. Everything went on as per plan; Mam asked us to start with the test, a few kids cried and a few fumed with anger that their pencils were missing; Mam warned the kid who had stolen it to return it back before she checks the bags; No one came forward; She started checking bags. I looked at him and he giggled at me. I was terrified. Mam found many pencils in another guy's bag. She asked a few of us to identify our pencils. No one identified theirs. We knew they couldn't, not at that age. It defenitely would take sometime for kids to realize how that was their pencils without the back side. Mam scolded that guy though he refused to own the theft. That poor kid cried. 

  Telling the truth was the right thing to do.  I did not bother if I would get caught or if the guy who had trusted his secret mission with me would. I stood up and confessed that we had done it. I felt bad that we made another guy cry. Mam lectured us never to do it again. Mission was accomplished anyway, the test got cancelled. 

 Telling the truth was the right thing to do but I did the wrong thing, kept quite and let the kid cry and prove he hadn't done it but someone else. I should have told the truth but in real I did not and I regret it till today. Though i did not choose to do the right thing that day by telling the truth the lesson I learnt from that incident stays with me forever. From then I don't lie for small things unless it saves some chaos in people's life. 

A part of this post is true and a part is fictional. Guess which part was real!! :D Hope you had fun reading my post. 

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