Monday, December 1, 2014

How I wish I get married to my husband again, in a church with the wedding gown! This thought struck me only when I saw the collection in gbridal.comHome Page

Ball Gown wedding Dresses:

The dress shown in the below image is just $227. Isn't this an amazing price for the wonderfully designed gown? 
There is an option to select your size and they will tailor this gown for you. There is also an option to rush order with a few extra bucks. This is definitely a good deal. 

At present they are giving 60% off on all dresses so this is the right time to rush up to buy this gown. 

Do you think you are a little over the size of the usual wedding dresses? Being fat doesn't deprive you of a wonderful wedding dress on your day, does it? 
Link to buy

There are a lot of wedding dresses, wonderfully designed, under the over sized category.

This site not only sells gowns and dresses but also wedding accessories. This is a one stop point for your wedding dressing. 

They sell amazing bridesmaid dresses which are of an affordable price.

Wedding petticoats can also be bought. The one that matches my above gowns was the one below and the cost was just £7.44. I think this is a good deal for the money. 

Link to order

Headpieces can also be ordered form this site.You just have  to select a gown, check if you like the tiara the model is wearing in the photo and then search for that. The below is a sample of the kinds this site provides. 


Then comes to our thought, the dream of every girl to wear a veil. There are a handful of different ones that you can order. 

The best collection of this site is the mother of a bride dresses. The mother has to look beautiful enough on her daughter's wedding right? Below is one such offered in the site that I was impressed with. 


Overall I would suggest you to buy from this site. I am sure you must be bored of the same shops that you buy from like . Try and I am sure you'll be impressed. 

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