Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This week has been such a weight reduction week. Initially, I received a green tea for review and now a Pedometer. What a combination to shed the few extra pounds.

Product: Ozeri 4x3 Razor Digital Pedometer
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Product photo:
Package contents: 
1. digital Pedometer
2. A rope with clip to hang it on you
3. a screw driver to remove the battery shield
4. A spare battery; already one is installed in the pedometer
5. A case with belt clip to hold the sleek pedometer. 

Packaging: This small pedometer came in a huge cardboard box, wrapped with brown sheet. Though the box was huge enough to fit 100 of this pedometer, I liked the packaging which felt like opening a gift box from a friend. 

Usability: they have attached a manual along with this pedometer which is in English. This manual has a detailed description of what the keys are for. The usage of this product is very simple and user friendly. 

Product description: 
This pedometer weights something around 60g. It is as small as possible to fit it easily in any pocket with the belt clip. We can also remove the belt clip and use the rope to clip it on our clothes. It has a LCD screen that shows the number of steps. This pedometer can store data upto 30 days. There are different modes like steps per oz, miles, Kcal or minutes. There are three buttons-Mode, set and reset. Mode button on long press locks the pedometer so that it doesn't calculate any steps when it is locked. And the same mode long press releases the lock.  

The sensitivity to steps is too good. It shows accurate number of steps. 

Overall, I am satisfied with this product and I will recommend it for anyone who wants to buy pedometer irrespective of age or sex.

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