Monday, December 29, 2014

Natural Bliss Teeth Whitening

What's the product?
This is a teeth whitening kit which includes 3 boxes with 3 different coloured powders. The one I received was a one week treatment powders. 

White powder: This is sodium bicarbonate
Black powder: Activated willow Carbon
Yellow Powder: Curcumin

This was an amazing teeth whitening product. Every time after you use this you will feel your teeth scrubbed off the sediments. it also makes the teeth look really white. 

The packaging of this product could have been a lot better. The boxes were just placed inside a small white cardboard box which was wrapped in a yellow cover. The brandname or the product details was not mentioned anywhere in the cover or on the containers. Most importantly no packaging information like manufactured date, expiry date were printed anywhere in the product. 

Usability: This product doesn't come with a spoon or a brush. You need to use your old brush to use this product. Another fact that makes it difficult to use is the container that is so small and top open type. 

The instructions are printed in a small normal paper if you lose that you won't know which powder is what. They could have printed the step number on each container. 

Over all, this is a good product with poor packaging and brand value. I would recommend this to people who are not much bothered about brand name and are desperate to make their teeth magical white. 

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