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This is a letter from Karthik (just because it's a common name for any character in any fiction from South India) to his mom and dad in India. This is completely fictitious.

My dear Mom and Dad,
I reached UK two days ago. It is a lovely place. It has wonderful rivers, scenic beauties, wonderfully built buildings that are maintained so well to retain the classic look of the country. I live very close to the river. My first session at the Queen college was amazing. I love the course.

After few months:
My dear Mom and Dad,
I am loving my stay here. Cambridge is a wonderful city to stay in. I wish you guys visit me sometime in the summer; Winters are freezing cold. I visited London, oxford and scotland. I am planning to go on a trip to Northern Ireland with Elizabeth. Elizabethis my roommate. We have been seeing each other for the past two months. We are planning to go on this trip with a few more friends of ours. I think I like her very much. She is a native Brit and looks beautiful. Please find her photo attached. What do you think about me marrying a british girl?

After the trip
Dear Mom and Dad,
I asked her out and she loves me too. I proposed her for marriage and she nodded to it. We will be coming to India by the end of this year to introduce her to you and our family. Don't worry about the trip we had gone. Here people are getting more Indianized. They like the Indian culture and Eli loves it. Here, girls like Indian guys as they think we Indian's are good at long term, reliable relationships.
Don't worry at all. We did not cross the line in the trip. We will not cross the line ever before marriage. She likes it this way though she isn't from a land which claims to have invented and follow such a tradition of waiting till marriage to cross the line.

After a few more days:
Dear Mom and Dad,
I am so lucky to have the two of you as my parents. A friend of mine was drafting a letter to his parents yesterday. He had to write 2 letters;one to his mom asking about her husband's well-being and one to dad asking about his wife's well-being. Yes, you have guessed it right. His parents are not with each other.
Even worse. There is another girl, who almost reached here but she had crossed the age bar to get permitted to reach here. She writes letter to them with her tears and keep them to herself not knowing who her parents are. She works as a maid and stays in a small hut. She hasn't enjoyed any pleasure of life as she grew up in an orphanage. I know who her parents are. They are stinking rich but she is a maid and is finding it hard to fill her stomach and keep herself from starving while her siblings enjoy the pleasure of the richness of her parents.
Thanks to you for not letting me go through all that. You gave me pain, so much pain but not as big as living a life in an orphanage not knowing who my parents are.
 You got me aborted at the right time, thank god. I was just growing my little fingers and tiny toes. Your doctor applied a suction pressure to tear each of my organ and parts of my body apart. I still feel the pain of getting ripped apart into tiny cells and getting out of mom as drops of blood.
If only you hadn't crossed the line before marriage or at least been a little careful I would have really grown up living my dreams. Yes I had dreams from the day I was formed inside mom. I would have really written all the above letters to you from Cambridge. But you did not have the heart to wait. Let it not be for the culture that the country you live in follows but at least for me you could have resisted the desire to cross the line (Have sex) before marriage.

             You guys think you are getting too modern and do what you want before marriage. Who gets affected? Kids like my friend who lives in an orphanage for no fault of hers. Her parents couldn't wait to get her implanted in and they couldn't wait to get her out. They threw her away at the doors of an orphanage before anyone could realize she was born to a pre marital affair of her mom who is married to another rich man now. They feared that she would become a stain in the purity of the family as if it was her fault.

With lots of love,
Your son, whom you ripped into pieces and drop of blood before he was born.

            This is my take on premarital sex. You don't have to stick to the culture if you think sticking to it is so out dated today. Just think about how many such sons and daughters are disassociated into tiny bits even before they start to dream of a life on earth. At least a few of such abortions could be stopped if we stick to our culture of not crossing the line before marriage. It was disheartening to read a news recently about a school girl delivering a baby in the school bathroom and tried to get rid of the baby dumping it in the dustbin of the bathroom. When I browsed a little about school children getting aborted, it really pained me. If this is on one hand, we have well educated adults crossing the line before marriage and getting aborted. Do whatever the hell you want to spoil your own lives. But just think about what if it ropes in another life eventually, accidentally.

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  1. @GB : Good to read your take on this topic....
    The narration of this post is just awesome...

    My take : How modern the society might be, we need to stick to our Indian values, PMS not only leads to problems, but there is a life at stake as well....


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