Monday, December 22, 2014

Are you bored of working on the same project over and over again? Are you not motivated enough to go to office on a Monday? Here's what you can do.

-Make sure that you pick your favorite dress from the wardrobe for Monday.  
-Set the alarm with a song that you can't resist to dance.
- Have your favorite snacks ready for the morning.

During work:
-In between the boring work that you do, start doing something you really love to do; like listening to music, drawing, sketching, talking or texting. cheat your brain assuming that the side task is your main task and the work is a side thing that you do.

-Divide work into easily workable parts. After each part gift yourself two minutes to get entertained. After each sub part go for a small walk to the restroom, pantry or just to drink water. Then, when you are back start the job afresh.

You are just 4 days away from the weekend. 

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