Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"I am a Hindu and I was not hurt by the film PK"
            They say God is everywhere but we feel bad if a paper with God's image gets torn or an idol is broken. In the film PK, the character PK sticks God's image to his cheek to escape from being beaten. This is affecting the sentiment of Hindus it seems. Oh really?! I am a Hindu and it didn't hurt me only because I am taught that God is omnipresent and people are foolish to believe that God is only in the idols that are sold and the dollars that are hung.

            Everyone is equal in front of God. Not really, people who buy a 1000 rupee ticket are sent first and the free Dharshan queue should wait all day. God is easily reachable for the rich. Did God appear in your dream and ask you to do this? No right..! This is questioned in PK and it hurt the sentiments of Hindus. Ouch!! I am not hurt because this is also true and they have not exaggerated.

            What else hurt the Hindus? Amir khan is an Alien in the movie; He is not a Hindu that's why he is against Hinduism. Where in the movie was he anti-Hinduism? Hasn't the movie also shown mass conversion of people into Christianity? They have not made the entire movie out of it not because they are ANTI-HINDU but because it's their money and it's their choice.

            For so many years India has been making movies with terrorist shown as Muslims. Those are not anti-muslim movies but Anti-terrorism movies. Why? Because we can't deny the fact that most terrorist are Muslims. It doesn't mean that all the Muslims are terrorist. Similarly, this movie is not Anti-Hinduism but Anti-stupidity in the name of religion and they have chosen it to be Hinduism; it's their choice and it's just a movie.

            Can you say one scene shown in the movie is not true? A stone with a red mark becomes God. Isn't this true? We don't think, do we? If someone does something we do the same. It's like the cat and the old man story I had written in a different post. This at least I can understand we are following the principles that God is everywhere and why not in the stone? Fine. This can affect the sentiments, maybe this can.

            Next, a person covers his greed and lust under the image of a middle man to God. Hasn't this happened at all? Come on! There was a someone in Kavi who raped girls, had sex with an actress which was shamelessly telecast several times before 9 pm in certain news channels so that even the Kids get to see it and understand how to have sex rather than anything else. Now, don't see this as Anti-Hinduism. Bringing the fraud of a middle man of a particular religion doesn't mean someone is against that religion. It only means they are trying to save the people of that religion. If a person is a fraud who covers himself with the name of Hinduism and you expose it, you are not saving christians from getting fooled but Hindus.

            For how many years are you going to question movie makers instead of actually questioning the stupidity that we follow that's got showcased, in the name of religion.

Lastly, Hinduism has so many good principles and practices. Most practices have scientific value attached to it that are being found by researchers and scientist today, spending so much funds. We are a strong religion. We are not so weak to get hurt by a, say, 100 crore movie. If they show something against your religion and if it's a fact they are just trying to save your people.

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  1. Couldn't have said better. Nice read.

  2. Very well written.. agree with u :)

  3. Well articulated..... This shud nail some sense into those who are protesting mindlessly against a movie aimed at the betterment of our society.....

  4. Well! What to say and where to start! I can start with saying' enjoy your freedom whilst it lasts'!! India is secular only because it is a hindu majority! You write all this claiming that you are a hindu! Lucky enough to be born in india! Had u been on the east side of the border, u would be hiding in india to protect your self from hard liners like taslima nasreen or still worse if you were born on the northern side of the border(pak), u would have been hanged or stoned to death for being blasphemous! Don't believe me? Google it,u will see 100's of cases! Veena Malik got jailed for 26 long years just coz she danced for religious tunes! Hindus were always the soft targets! True, we don't have the terrorist outfits who kill people just coz they are from other religions! So use it to the core! Enjoy your freedom whilst it lasts! In 30 years time when declining hindu population goes beyond the mulla population, which again with the help of bollywood films, stars and hypocrites like you, and their ambitious pursuit of making india a Muslim land(the reason y they mostly are polygamous and have 4-5 kids) you would not enjoy the same freedom as today! Well done! I hope you would live long enough to witness te chaos with your own eyes like all the countries where their population is higher and minorities will drop like fire flies! Like in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanista,

  5. To add to the list of countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt! Google the chaos if you don't know abt the world politics and have u heard abt boko haram, ISIS, LET, Pak Taliban, afghan Taliban? If these are the organisations you want to stop depicting Hindus as fools ! Then so be it! You will only learn it the hard way!


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