Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How important is it to shave? Guys think that remaining unshaven for days together makes them look like a geek or a brainy person. I want to make guys understand how a shave changes the life of even actors. 
Most of the below are just for fun. No offense to the actors and the films. Take it easy please. 

Example 1:
When actor Aarya grew a beard he became an Agori. He took Ganja and did not have a girl friend. 

Ill effects of the beard: He got a heroine who looked like this and was not even allowed to fall in love with her or sing a duet with her.

 Effects of shaving:
He got the confidence to propose actresses who looked like this:

 He was allowed to fall in love, sing duets and act in romance sequences.

Inference: Will you shave? If not you might be called an Agori and not get a chance to have a single romance scene in the real time film called your life. 

Example 2: 
When Kamal roamed around with his beard people (imaginary, because there can be non who don't know him in India), who didn't know him, could tell from the face that he was Shruthi's dad. But when he went for a clean shave people only thought he was Shruthi's elder brother.  

Wrong Inference:
If you shave you can look a lot younger. You will look like a brother to Shruthi hasan and if you don't shave you will look like her dad. Don't ask me what you need to do to look like her boy friend. I am not a fashion expert.  Now tell me, will you shave?

Example 3:
When Rajini did not shave they called him Paradesi. Though he was rich all his wealth was taken away and he roamed like a beggar. He was not given any dialogues for this role after he grew beard. 

But when he did a clean shave, he became Shivaji. though he had just 1 rupee to start with he became too rich too quickly and he was even given punch dialogues throughout the film for this character.

 Even better, he shaved his head and people started calling him THE BOSS.

Wrong Inference:
If you shave you will get the confidence to speak punch dialogues and become a rich man in a single song. Will you shave?

When Danush did not shave they made him run around for food in Africa. 

When he chose to shave he was made a school student singing duets and falling in love with school girls. He also got an entry pass to Bollywood.

WRONG Inference: 
If you shave, you can fit in your school uniform without losing weight and call yourself a school student. Will you shave? 

But none of these can make one person shave. He gets to romance with heroines inspite of his beard, he becomes rich in a single song and no one calls him AGORI Baba though he has never shaved in his life. 

Do you know who he is? 

TR sir, will you shave? you don't have to as you get to enjoy every pleasure of life without a clean shave unlike other men. 
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