Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The great Indian Litterbug

Robo Chiti from the movie Enthiran and PK from the movie PK decided to contest in election opposing each other. For people who are not familiar with the two characters let me give a short brief.

Robo Chitti is a robot created by a scientist. It looks like a human and behaves like a human. It learns from human with the help of artificial intelligence but it is still a robot, which has no common sense.

PK is an alien who accidentally got caught in earth. He is a human by all means except that he doesn't know the customs of earth like wearing dress, praying to god. His planet has different practices compared to earth. He learns everything from human but applies his common sense on top of it.

Chitti and PK learn a lot from all the Indian Litterbugs. Now they have become famous characters and have decided to contest election. They go on a debate like campaign to an area to convince people to vote for them.

Chiti: Please vote for me. I will demolish all the useless buildings with the name tag "public Toilets". They are a waste of space. No one uses them.

PK: Please vote for me. I will not only demolish the useless toilets but also build new, fancy, standalone walls for you to urinate.

Chitti: He will only build walls but doesn't understand human nature. The human kidney doesn't work so well like it works when the wall has posters stuck on it. I will stick posters on every single wall in the city and banish writing 'Don't stick posters' on walls for you to freely stick them anywhere in the city.

PK: Chitti is a stupid robot. But I am a sensible creature. Just that I am from a different planet. I know it's no fun for you to stick posters in walls that don't read 'Don't stick posters' or to urinate in walls which don't mention not to. I will make sure that every wall in the city has these words and you are allowed to urinate and stick posters.

Chitti: I will paint all the walls white. Because the pleasure of using pans doubles when you spit red on white walls.

PK: The garbage bins will be converted into cow feeding areas.

Chitti: I will arrange for free tutoring of martial arts to miss the garbages thrown in the road when you walk.

PK: If I win I will select the person, who litters the most and give him 'Greatest Indian Litterbug' award.

Chitti: All of you are equally talented in littering so I will give you all cash rewards worth 5000 for every vote.

"Chitti! Chitti! Chitti!" The crowd shouts.

PK: Why don't we both join hands and oppose the human politicians. I am sure we will rock. What do you say?

Chitti: Hypothetical question. I am not programmed to accept any offer without money.

PK: Okay, I will give you 5 crores. Is it okay now? Let us litter together.

Chitti: Deal Accepted!! Our joint party will be named the Indian Litterbug party (ILP)

This is not against the intelligence of PK or chitti. I am not trying to show them as stupid entities.. This is how we fill blank papers. This is what we teach our next generation. Wake up and dont litter.

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