Friday, February 20, 2015

What's reviewed: 
For this review, I chose the cloths based on my interest. I had decided to get jackets or blazers. I got two of them, a denim sleeveless jacket and a blazer. I make a point here that I did not use their online ordering functionality and this review doesn't cover that aspect of the site. This review is more about the product, it's delivery, packaging, quality and the rest about the product.

First Impression:
I really was amazed looking at the cost of items displayed in this site. They were very cheap yet looked very trendy. Though there are not 1000s of choices in this site, I was satisfied with what they had and whatever they had were really good to see.

Packaging and delivery:
I will have to say that the product was delivered very promptly within 2 days to my UK address. The two items were packed neatly in one cover. Uncovering it, I found the two clothes to have been packed each in separate covers each. Perfect packing. I give them a 5/5 for the same.

When we speak about quality let's begin with how close the product actually is when we compare it with the online images that goes along with the order page. Below are the product and their order page photograph. It was exactly like how it looked in the photograph. The denim was a little off colour compared to online image. 

When we speak of actual quality of the cloth, I should appreciate them for not sparing the quality to give it at the cost mentioned. The blazer was made of smooth fabric, the cuts are wonderful in par with some designers around. The denim sleeveless jacket was also of perfect quality but I expected it to be a little thicker. Still it's a good deal for the cost. The denim jacket was provided with extra buttons. I liked the quality of the buttons. The fitting was also good enough.

Frowning factor:
Most lines don't have sizes beyond 12. That was the only frowning factor that I have with my experience with Trendy clothing, UK.

Over all:

Over all I am very satisfied with the products I received from trendy clothing. I'd recommend it to my readers.

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