Sunday, February 1, 2015

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what's this post about?
This post is about a fancy writing application available in the I store for iPads and iPhones.. If you are an apple product user, this post will be helpful for you to understand what application best suits your. If you are interested in knowing about fancy and useful apps for typing then this post is for you. 

It is a wonderful feeling when your hand held devices let you type. This helps you make use of travel time, take notes whenever and wherever you are and also becomes comfortable when you are lazy to boot your laptop. I personally love my new iPad Air 2 to type my blog posts, including this one. 

There are numerous applications that lets you type in fancy interfaces. One might feel like challenging me the need to use such applications when we have the basic word processing apps installed. It's a good question to answer as I have asked it myself before I tried out these fancy applications. When you write or document or blog every day or over a period of time you get too bored and tired of typing, don't you? Sometime writers go through writers block too. I am not a well established writer yet, I have just published one book. But I have my share of experience with the writers block. That's a time one you want to write something, you have an idea to write about but when you sit down to write not a single word strikes. During those days these applications I am going to discuss about will be of great help. 

Hanx writer  is one such fancy application. 

This is an application that has an interface like a traditional type writer. It lets you load pages like you do it in a real one. The graphics make you feel like you are really pressing the keys and the sounds are well chosen for the application. One should download and use it at least for the sake of old times.  

This application also lets you export the write up, you can even copy paste it in any other application you want. Unlike the real type writer you are allowed to place the cursor anywhere you want. Different kinds of such Tyler writers are available when you pay but this one is free. 

Hope this post was helpful. Do let me know what you think through the comments below.

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  1. Please make the fonts larger. It hurts the eyes on Windows.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I was in the process of editing it. hope its fine now.


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