Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Every year, on my birthday I just think about one thing- what will I do fifty years later on this day? I understand very well that I am ageing year after year. I got married, next what? Kids. Then? They need to grow up, study and get married. Then? They need to have kids. Looking at it from a financial perspective-My  parents spent their earnings in buying a house to live and growing us up; food, shelter, clothing and education. They got me married. Now, my husband and I will earn to buy a house, then to grow up kids and get them married. Then they will have kids and do the same. It's a cycle. In this cycle of life, we shed off our desires to maintain the balance. We don't have enough space in this cycle to accommodate tiny dreams and pleasures of life. 

If you are protected financially till your old age, you can afford to accommodate a lot more. This post is about what are those things I will accommodate in this never ending cycle, if I am  #BefikarUmarBhar.

I have always loved hand written letters. I always want to have the address of at least 25 Kids and write to them regularly. I never find the time to do that but I will be happy to do that. How nice it would be if every now and then I receive letters written by kids, in their neat handwriting. It will be fun to discuss with them about various things. They always look at everything in a different angle. 

I will take a week off, every now and then from life. By life I mean the routine life. I will go somewhere, where there is no internet connection, no mobile tower. I will literally get lost, all alone. Every time I will change the location so that I get to see new people, new culture and get the chance to spend time with people I have never met before.

I will write stories in an anonymous blog. I like living a calm, simple life in a corner of the world and yet reach many readers through my words. That's my ambition in life, to write the best book I can anonymously and never reveal it was written by me ( be it good or bad). Just stay away from it and listening to feedback will be fun. This way I will be able to write bold stuffs without worrying about being judged, I don't worry right now also, but I will be able to write bolder stuffs. I will be able to write about real people without them knowing it. The experiences we personally have are the best raw data for our books.

I will learn to paint. I have no idea why but I have a strange attachment to the art of painting and sketching. In fact, this was one major reason why I fell in love with my husband, he sketches well. I like minor details of anything, be it life or an instance of it. Writing and painting are all about learning to reproduce those minor details. We start with drawing a cat with two circles one on the other. As we grow we start understanding the strokes that need to reproduce the fur, the eyes. Similarly, we start writing that the stars twinkle and as we grow we understand how to describe the sky, exactly like it looks. 

I will sleep enough and hire a cook. I hate to cook, I don't know why. At least I hate to take responsibility of it. When you come back home after a day's trip and if cooking is your responsibility it hurts. Cooking every day is so boring for me. Maybe I don't understand the pleasure of it yet. I also love to day dream and sleep. I love listening to the melancholy that the darkness and silence sing to me when I am alone. It feels like giving them a shoulder and telling them I'm there for you.  

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