Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We had a PC with a horizontal CPU. We were crazy about games. But I always wanted to play the game all by myself. But it will only make my sister weep hard.

Then I decided to play two player games with her. But she always lost in the first minute. She was so little to handle the games I played. It hurt me when she cried. So I came up with an idea.

We started playing together in one player games like prince, paratrooper, dave and the like. You might be wondering how?

Paratrooper was my favorite of all and i played it all day with her. I told her that the space bar was the shooting key and she had to press it for me and i will handle the arrow keys for directions.

The actual shooting key was the up arrow and it was fun to play it with the music of her simply tapping the spacebar of the keyboard. "Tak Tak tak...."

One fine morning, two years since this idea worked out for the first time, I scratched my hand as a mosquito drank my blood. She kept pressing the space bar, excitedly telling me that the enemies were settling on the two sides but nothing moves in the screen. Then I got back to the game and started pressing the arrow keys to kill the soldiers. She found she was being fooled for two years. At her age then, she should have cried but she laughed it out. We still laugh thinkng about it.

 Just like every other siblings we used to play pillow fights. We called it 'Dishyum' game. It was so much fun.

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