Wednesday, October 22, 2014

As India gets increasingly globalized, the world is getting increasingly 'Indianized'.
           I have not traveled around the world. I have just visited 4 countries so far: Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland and UK. Obviously, I have seen a lot of places in India. What I have observed is that there is a Tamil radio channel in all of these countries. I have also heard that there is a Tamil radio channel in most of the countries, isn't that amazing? While people in India want to speak in English all the time even when it isn't required, people around the world want to listen to Indian languages.

Incident 1:
            I had gone to Malaysia for my honeymoon. We went to the KLCC twin tower as that's the only place I found Saravana Bhavan to serve edible vegetarian Indian food.  As I settled in a table in the food court, I saw an Indian occupying the table next to mine. He was with a white lady of different nationality. I guessed that they were colleagues and she was someone like a client from what I could hear now and then. He asked her what she wanted to eat suggesting that the Pizza there tasted good. She said she wanted to taste Indian food. I was surprised.
'I have tasted such a dish somewhere...' she paused thinking. She said 'Something fluffy, light brownish, like a blown ball. I think they boil it.'
    My husband brought to the table a plate of Poori and another plate of Dosa. Looking at our table, she carefully said without pointing out, not knowing that she was heard that 'The one in the table next to us.'

            The Indian guy smiled and said that it's called 'Poori'. He then got her a plate of Poori and got one for himself. They continued to talk about how poori was made and how much he loved Italian food. Then, reluctantly, he started eating. He fought with the fork and knife to tear off the poori into small pieces. She did not think a moment further, she wiped her hand with tissue and started to eat it with her hand. The guy asked her if she was okay eating with hands. He even suggested that he would get her something else.
            'The best thing about Indian food is that it makes us use our fingers. I love it.' she said and continued to gulp down.
            When the world understands the scientific reasons behind our practices, we fail to retain it ourselves thinking that we are getting globalized.

Incident 2:
In the shopping center in the UK, an old Brit lady waited in the queue to bill her stuffs , behind me. She casually initiated a conversation.
'Are you Indian?' she asked.
'Yes. I am.' I gave her a oblong smile.
'I love Indian Sarees. Do you wear them always in India?' she asked.
'Yes.' I said not wanting to continue the conversation with a stranger.
She had bought some bangles along with her shopping items. She showed it to me and asked if they were Indian. I said yes not knowing if bangles were Indian or not.

People outside India likes out Sarees, bindhis, bangles and clothing styles. While we try to get globalized by getting rid of them.

Incident 3:
            I had gone for a workshop arranged by my company at Bangalore. Two scientists had come from the USA to educate us about something related to work. During lunch time, we all got noodles and burgers while they got an Indian Thali. They said it was too spicy but loved eating every bit of it.
         That was the day of Holi. They looked at a colleague of ours who came to our table to settle down to eat. Looking at their expression one of us said 'It's an Indian festival. We celebrate it with colours.'

'I know. Holi, right? We celebrate it for fun with our Indian friends in the USA.' The guy immediately took his mobile and showed us photographs of them playing with colour powders.

            Be it festival, food or dressing style, the world loves the way India does it and we go behind the rest of the world calling it fashion.
Today, being the Indian festival, Diwali, I am planning to go for a movie wearing a Saree. I am sure all the eyes around will widen in envy, wanting a saree for themselves.

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