Saturday, October 18, 2014

             When we have kids home and if they have cold or if they catch cold frequently everyone in the house is doomed of not eating ice creams and chocolate, EVER. Isn't this a true story? If your kid is healthy and immune enough an ice cream and a chocolate once a week won't hurt much, would it? And with ice creams and chocolates life becomes a wee bit happier.  So a healthy kid lets you eat whatever you want without making you feel guilty that the kid can't eat.

            Proper sleep is the first step to happiness. If kids at home are sick, we stay up all night not just worrying but to take care of the kid(s). This will make us perform badly at work and eventually drink away the happiness from our homes. So there is a healthy kid behind every successful working parent.

Me and my sister
                        I was a very weak child. I am sure the readers who became friends after my school days will laugh when I say I was very thin. It doesn't matter if the child is thin or fat  but I am saying that I was not only weak but also looked so weak. Whenever I fell sick my parents will put me to sleep and sit by my side worrying. There were lot of times when my parents never slept the whole night and went to work the next day because I had fallen sick.


      I am very sure, even better than the last time I said this, that people will agree with me when I saw my sister was a healthy baby. With no offense to her, she was a healthy baby not just because she was chubby and fleshy but because she had good immunity. We used to enjoy every act of hers. She loved cleaning the vessels and doing the household when she was just five. She was a very active kid who also spoke really well. A favourite of every one who visited home. I have no second thoughts in saying that her good health was the key factor to our happiness. I will tell you why I say this.
            We generally invite guests home to have fun. We prepare food, clean the house and make so many arrangements so that we enjoy every bit of their stay with us. Imagine what a mess all of this arrangement becomes, even after such meticulous planning, if a kid at home falls sick. So a healthy kid prevents such unexpected mess ups.

            Finally, a healthy kid doesn't require your constant monitoring round the clock. The kid eats well without troubling you, sleep well at the right time when you need to do your work and plays well when you want to relax with your tea. So a healthy kid is the curve of every smiling family. 

photo from my childhood album: Sister Varsha

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  1. "Health is wealth" and with this piece of writing you justified it.
    So true,
    there is a healthy kid behind every successful working parent.
    Cute photos ...all the best for contest.


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