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I have never visited Quikr ever before. But blogadda has come up with this Quikr activity.
I think its going to be rocket science, or in my terms as complex as baking a cake, to understand a new site  and place an order. Let's see how it goes.

My experience, shopping, with 

I type in my address bar.
Oh! I need to select a city. I am going to orer something for my family in Chennai. So let me select chennai and see what happens.

Post Free ADS? Okay let me not get distracted from buying some diwali gifts for my family.

My dad is getting retired in a month or two. I want him to relax and take enough rest at home. But he is not going to listen to me for sure. So, I thought I will get him something that will send him this message symbolically.

I choose the category Home and Lifestyle, Quikr
Okay, let me search for a tower fan. AC is fitted in the bed room. My family always is on the run; mom works all day, dad works all day and sister is at college till evening. So they never needed the hall other than the weekends when they watch television. I will send a tower fan to be kept in the hall so that my father understands that he will have to stay home, watch TV and relax at least for a few months after retirement.

I am typing tower fan in the search bar. I get a lot of used and new products. Now I check the option 'NEW' as I don't want to gift any used stuffs. I see a lot of dealers and individuals selling tower fans at different prices. I am able to compare the costs. An idea crosses my mind. Let me check if I get a tower fan along with a free iron box. I am typing Tower fan free iron box. Let's just give it a try. If it works out I am lucky. 

Oh! Wow. I have a dealer selling tower fan with free iron box. Let me click on this. I am checking the features of the ar cooler. I am okay with this product. I have two options; either I can click reply to this ad and give my contact for them to call me or I can call them myself. Let me call the guy right away . 

Link to buy this
'Hello! I saw your ad and got your number from I would like to order a tower fan.' I said.

'Which are do you want it to be delivered?' the lady at the other end of the line asked.
'Chrompet. Is the iron box really free?'
'Yes, Madam. It is absolutely free.' she said with a marketing tone.
'I am just checking. When can you deliver the product?' I asked anxiously.
'On Friday we will deliver the product, Mam.' she said.
'Okay. Note the address.' I told her the address.

Trust me, the purchase was done. Quicker with Quikr. I never thought it would be so easy.

I just spoke to the dealer. He agrees to deliver the product at the given address on Friday; Tower fan with a free iron box. Wonderful. This is as simple as making maggie; Ordered in two minutes. Quikr is just QUICKER. 

Now that I have ordered something for my dad I will order something for my mom too. After all, She is the one I love the most in the whole world.

 She makes chapathi every single day. Only after I started cooking I understood the difficulty in making chapathis or rotis. Specially the flattening and putting it in the pan was difficult. We will have to stand there for half and hour to one hour to make a few chapathis. So, let me get my mom a chapathi maker. 

Wait! My mother in law get equally tired making chapathis. Both the moms need something to make their job easier. I am sure they will both love this chapthi maker. 

I am checking the prices. A product worth Rs.1200 impresses me. But I can only buy for 1100 each to fit it in my budget. Let me try calling this guy and bargaining. 

I am calling the guy right away to check if he can give me an offer as I am buying two roti makers.
'Hello. I found your number in' I said.
'Yes mam. How can I help you?' he asked.
'I would like to order two roti makers to be delivered to Chrompet. Is it possible?'
'Very much mam. We can deliver it by Friday.' he said.
'But what's the price?'
'Rs. 1299.'
'That's okay. What's the last price?' I asked hoping that he will give an offer. Before he could answer I said 'I am getting two of it, right?'
'But mam...' he didn't sound so convinced.
'There are lot of other dealers selling the same product on Quikr. Let me check them, then.' I said in a bargaining tone.
'What's the price you suggest mam?'
'Rs.1000 each.' I said knowing well that no seller agrees to first price quoted in a bargain. They will want to meet at the middle and I want it for Rs.1100.

'Mam, but that's not possible. Reducing so much is really not possible.' he said.
'Okay. Let's meet at the middle. Rs.1100 and that's final.' I said confidently.
'N mam. We will give you two roti makers for Rs.1250 each but we will want a hundred rupees as a shipping charge.' he said.

I disconnected the call and tried another dealer. Surprisingly, the same person selling the tower fan sold Chapathi maker at Rs.1100 (that's exactly what I wanted it for.) I called them and made a deal to give all the four products at Rs.5000. She agreed. 
Link to buy it

I am so happy. It took me just 5-10 minutes to order a tower fan with iron box and two chapathi makers that too with a given budget. A lot of products can be go bargaining, depending on your bargaining skills. We get to speak to the dealer directly for bulk orders unlike other e commerce sites, where the cost is fixed. I loved shopping with Quikr which was really QUICKER. 

The items were delivered to my house. All of them are happy with these gifts. Thank you Blogadda and Quikr.

The photographs, below, are the products being used in my home. 

Have fun shopping with 
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  1. i have also participated in this program,gb i think you have forgotten to add the category link of the product in yur post.yu have added only the product link-

    here is my post -

    1. "I choose the category Home and Lifestyle, Quikr" I have added.
      Thanks for the comment Nikhi


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