Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ironically, for the readers, who don't want to read: Listen to the entire post in the below sound clip. 


      I get up very late everyday. I am a night owl and night is when my brain works better. I write all night like the world would cease to exist the next day. Just like how people who drink say every morning, when they have a hangover, that they should never drink again, I tell myself everyday that I should sleep early and rise early. But break the resolution every other day. Due to this I start getting a trace of dark circle around my eyes and I am left with no time to get made up with cosmetics.

                There were days when I used to get up, brush, bath, get ready enough without make up and leave to work. Though at that instant of hurry it sounded right, at work I used to regret the entire day for not getting dressed well while others come neatly made up. My skin used to have uneven complexions and oily, dull look. I looked so terrible at times that I kept washing my face every one hour.

                One good dawn, I forced myself to shop something that will make me look good without the hassle of make up. I went around the store to find a magical lotion that will make me look fresh all day, knowing well that such a lotion was never found. My eyes got laid on Garnier BB cream. i just thought I will give it a try trusting the brand. All my products are Garnier right from shampoo. The trust for the brand made me buy BB cream.

                That night I blogged till 3 am. I was too tired even to regret. The next morning I woke up just an hour before it was time to leave for work. I quickly got ready. As usual, without looking much into the mirror I left home and got into the cab. While looking for my headset in my handbag, I found the Garnier BB cream that I had bought the previous day, lying in a silent corner of the bag. I just thought I will give it a try. I picked the compact mirror and applied the BB cream. An instant brightness clouded my face. I looked fresh. The entire day, I felt so confident in countering people and new people. Each time I looked into the mirror I loved the complexion of my skin, evenly spread. The best part was the absence of oily dirt coat over it. My dark circles were hardly visible. I looked cool enough throughout the day.

                From then till now, I use the Garnier BB cream on my way to somewhere, on the go. Doesn't take much of my time but gives me the best look I can possibly have. 

This post is written as a part of Garnier BB Cream Contest conducted by Indiblogger.

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