Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dear Kaththi-trollers and Vijay haters,
              First thing first, I am not a Vijay fan. But I am a fan of different characters that have got life by different actors, be it a role as small as the one played by Karthik in Mouna Ragham or the one played by Prakash Raj in Kalki.
                A lot of people trolled Vijay quoting his dialogues against some Cola company in the film Kaththi and him being a brand ambassador for Coca Cola. So are we all also ready to question Anushka, who played convincingly as Hindu Goddess in one movie  and also as a prostitute  in a different movie? Acting is their profession and those are the different characters that they play. Every word uttered in the movie was either by Jeevanantham or Kaththiand not Vijay. Those dialogues were not even written by Mr.Vijay. So, why do we have to troll him for this?

                Secondly, people have started saying that he has done this role solely to enter politics. Entering politics is the birth right of every citizen of Indian. When you can enter politics if you want to, why can't he? My only question in this regard is, if that's the case what would have been the position of Mr. Vijaykanth? He must have become the Prime Minister by now for the kind of roles he had played. I am not saying that Vijayakanth is not a good leader or any actor can't become a good politician. My only point is that the number of votes that an actor get as a politician is not just dependent on the roles he play, at least not today. It might have been the case in the olden times but now, I doubt. Even if that's the case, whose fault is that? Ignorance in people to vote just because someone spoke for farmers in a film is not Vijay's fault.

                My next question is, how many of you even thought about farmers before watching this film? Every film is commercial. No one makes a film with so much money put into it and not expect even a rupee. In that way, every film made is aimed to be a commercial success along with, it being called a good film. But if a film also tries to have a message that's not said before, a bit of awareness along with the story, one day India will not have a set of ignorant crowd who will vote blindly because an actor played a certain role convincingly.

                So, please stop stupidly asking questions and spending time in making video against movie stars. They earn with every minute you spend on them, that's their profession. But what do you earn out of it? You fight with your own friends, who call themselves an Ajith fan. You create trolls for fun wasting your own time. Stop worshiping and also making a big fuzz about film stars and go get a life. 

I AM NOT A VIJAY FAN. If you want to categorize me, call me a crazy cinema fan. 


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