Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hello Qlikviewers! 
We sometimes have a problem when the labels in the X axis is too big to be fitted in our chart properly. Let's see what we can do to make it more presentable. 

Let's consider my previous example, in which i explain the carriage return in a field problem Qlikview Carriage Return Post

Now I create a chart with 
Dimension: Films

Expression: Count(Films) 

In reality this doesnt make sense, as the no of films per film name will always be one for all films. But I am taking this example just to explain the wrap text concept. 

This is what happens, right? We dont get a kind of chart we want. 

Now let's make the text in X axis wrapped. 

Below is the result of wrapping the same content in the chart 2 above. 

change the dimension as below:
Dimension: =Replace(Film,' ',chr(13))
This will replace the spaces with chr(13) which is a carriage return so the text will look wrapped. 

Then n the Axes property change the primary label style to / as below.

Hope this was helpful. Like the page below to get more such updates. Contact me either in the contact form or by commenting below for any doubts. Not that i know, I will try to find it out for you and learn along with you. 

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  3. This REALLY has helped me. Thank you!!

  4. This works if the labels are 1 or two words long. My label is a sentence. I'm trying to split it at the nearest space to the 15th character.


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