Tuesday, October 14, 2014

               When I was a little girl, I used to sit on our mom's lap during her tuition sessions. She had never asked me to get down or scolded me for it. But when I was in my UKG she suddenly started asking me not to sit on her lap, as it hurt her stomach. When i asked why she told me my little brother or a little sister was inside her tummy. I couldn't believe that the food we ate became a baby inside the stomach of my mother. That was the first connection between me and my sister; my introduction to her as a small little creature inside my mom's tummy was funny to me that time. I loved watching my mom's tummy grow like a balloon and was eager to receive the baby sibling home. 

               My first separation for a long time from my dear mother was not many days after this. She was admitted in the hospital and I was with my dad and grandma. I hated the separation but was very excited to have a baby to play with. I was in my first standard then. People used to ask me if i wanted a baby brother or a baby sister and my instantaneous answer would be sister, always. It was a friday morning that my grandma told me I have got a baby sister born, as soon as I got up. I was told that i could go and see the baby with her that evening. I was eager and excited. I had never seen tiny little baby till then. All my younger cousins were born in different cities. 

                I loved this girl right from the first time I saw her. The love and affection has always been increasing exponentially from then/ 

              The following Monday I went to the school with a bag full of chocolates. I gave it in the staff room as my mom worked there and wanted to give chocolates to her colleagues. Monday, the day i had to wear white, made me smile wider and wider during the school assembly.Something felt strange, something felt nice; I had a baby sister then. I would have a sister to share my things with, play games with. 

              As she grew she started screeching, scratching my face with her sharp nails and pulling my hair all the time. Since she was 6 years younger I always enjoyed it and never complained. I loved her and still love her all I can. 

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