Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Post dug from my hard disk.  written on 15th Jan 2010

Is there no space for dumb people like me?
(7:00 pm 15.01.10) I was walking in the terrace with ear phones of my mobile plugged into my ears. It was the pongal and all the FMs were broadcasting interesting programs. That lonely dark evening made me think, about nothing other than myself. I have always pictured myself as the most talented, intelligent, clever, smart and positive thinking small girl but I was no more a small girl. I was 19 already and will be turning 20 in less than a month.  I was always simple and down to earth but I can’t claim that to be a good quality as I had nothing to boast about. I was left with no options other than to remain simple.
(7:30 pm) half an hour passed just like seconds. I thought I was talented right? But what was the talent I had? Every human should have some hidden talent within didn’t I have one such? I couldn’t open my mouth for something other than eating and better than blarring. I could dance well if the stage was strong enough to bear me. Ya! As you guess I am not that all-eyes-towards-me chik, I am a few pounds extra, why few a lots extra.
(7:45 pm) Few friends of mine sang well, few danced well, few were computer geeks but what was i? Maybe I was good at writing. I had always written whenever I got a chance. I had written to Nxg for the Rs.1000 worth gift voucher months back. Every Thursday I used to get up well before the alarm rang and used to quickly pick the paper and rush to the last page of Nxg. But my article wouldn’t have appeared. Few times it had appeared in the Nxg invites. Days passed but my thirst for a space in that prestigious page never quenched. I forgot the 1000 bucks what was important to me was a small space in that page with a few words of mine.
(8:00 pm) First disappointment gave birth to frustration but later I found myself bettering day by day. All the articles that got rejected not only filled my blog but also helped me think of new ideas and better my language.
After a week…..
(6:15 am 21.01.10) My alarm is usually set to 6:45 am. I don’t even waste time brushing. I am rushing to the door to unlock it. There the newspapers are (We subscribe 6 newspaper).’ Come on make it fast’ my mind voice says as I mishandle the paper in hurry to reach the last page of Nxg. WOW! There it is… my article… I won.. Finally I have found a space in ‘The page’… if you are congratulating me now this is for you


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